His mother advised him not to look after our son – Akuapem Poloo exposes baby daddy

His mother advised him not to look after our son - Akuapem Poloo exposes baby daddy
Akuapem Poloo

The identity of the father of Akuapim Poloo’s son came up when the actress was jailed for child abuse crimes. Akuapem Poloo tells us what caused their breakup and the role his mother played in it.

In an interview with NeatFM, Akuapim Poloo revealed that her would-have-been mother-in-law poisoned her ex-boyfriend against her and their children. She even disclosed that the elderly woman calls her a witch even when she takes her son to see his father.

“I am not ungrateful in life, and I wish that the man I gave birth for would be the same person i grow old with. It was my greatest wish that I would have all my children with one man. But the elders have a saying that it is not all wishes that would come true.

“But when we started growing apart and you came to name the child, and my family said that if you said you can’t marry me. My family said that the girl got pregnant and her house burnt down, and that is why she came to stay with you. So if she has given birth and then let her stay at the family house and when you are ready to marry, you come for her.

“Then his mother said that if I am taking my newborn baby away, he should wash his hands off us. And that when he doesn’t take care of the child, I will be forced to bring the child back to him. So he stood on his mother’s words and refused to look after us.”

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Rosemond Brown, known in showbiz circles as Akuapem Poloo, hinted that the man’s negligence towards their child may be the cause of his current situation. As he is unemployed and can barely cater for himself, let alone a child.

“To be honest, he is currently unemployed. So he can’t help me look after my son. That is the truth. But the circumstance surrounding the collapse of his business makes me say the children are a blessing. It’s not about huge sums like Ghc1,000 and Ghc500 for the child. Even if you offer Ghc5 cedis for the child to take to school. How much is the child’s feeding fee? If the child knows that his father takes care of him, his spirit will be calm when he sleeps. And God, who takes care of children, would take care of you too.”

According to Akuapem Poloo, this didn’t deter her from moving forward. She revealed that she left her baby with her mother and came to hustle in Accra as a video vixen. And then, she graduated to acting in minor roles on local TV series before she finally gained prominence in the Industry.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana