Highlighting the Drama: A Recap of Day 10 in the #PerfectMatchXtra House


The Perfect Match Xtra House continues to captivate viewers with its daily dose of drama, intense debates, and unexpected moments.

Day 10 brought forth intriguing developments, heated arguments, and budding connections. Let’s delve into the highlights that unfolded throughout the day.

The day kicked off with the anticipation of a debate. At 4:04 PM, the ladies prepared to speak in favour of a motion, while the males were set to argue against it. Dzato, Kodak, and Etornam took the stage as the male speakers, while Grace, Bella, and Lovelyn represented the females.

At 9:13 PM, Etornam and Lovelyn shared an intimate moment. Etornam opened up about a past breakup and expressed his affection for Lovelyn. Their connection seemed to be growing stronger, adding a touch of romance to the house dynamics.

However, not all was well in the Perfect Match Xtra House. Around 11:04 PM, Ruth and Ali found themselves embroiled in a slight misunderstanding. Ruth expressed her reluctance to have Ali around her, claiming that he had been giving her attitude.

She also mentioned feeling pushed to start flirting, alluding to Ali’s influence on her behaviour.  Ruth’s free-spirited nature and her potential to switch alliances easily heightened the tension.

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It appears that Ali might be intentionally provoking Ruth, possibly for the sake of creating dramatic moments and ensuring their survival in the house. Their dynamic and conflicting interests added another layer of complexity to the ongoing narratives.

One particular ship that has caught the attention of viewers worldwide is Bebelino and Grace’s relationship.  The ship is sailing smoothly, capturing hearts with their chemistry and unique dynamics.

However, their connection goes beyond romantic gestures, as Grace took on the role of an English tutor, offering punctuation lessons to her partner during the Close Up Challenge.

This unexpected twist adds an intriguing layer to their relationship, showcasing their commitment to growth and mutual support

In a different scene at 12:21 PM, Dzato expressed his dissatisfaction with Sandra, claiming that she was being dull. This complaint arose just before a prayer session, which sparked the observation that they must fight before praying. The seemingly forced and insincere prayers amused the housemates, as the prayers lacked genuine conviction and felt like an obligatory ritual.

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The night continued at 2:09 AM bringing some lighter moments as Lovelyn and Etornam played games together in bed. The camera captured their playful interactions, demonstrating the production’s efforts to capture the housemates’ every move, even in their more relaxed moments.

Overall, Day 10 in the Perfect Match Extra House showcased a mix of engaging debates, emotional exchanges, and lighthearted moments.

As the show progresses, viewers eagerly await the next round of drama and surprises in this enthralling reality television experience.


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