Herbert Mensah breaks bread with families of Nima flood victims

Businessman, philanthropist and President of the Ghana Rugby Football Union Mr. Herbert Mensah Sunday empathised with some families in the Nima enclave of Accra who were affected by devastating flood waters two years ago by breaking bread with them in their Ramadan period. Just before the breaking of the fast at the Baaba Attah Mosque, Mr. Mensah presented beverages, Ever Pure water, and other food items including Gino tomato and noodle products to several people. Speaking before the breaking of bread with the families, the known philanthropist who also started the initiative ‘May 9 Stadium Disaster Remembered’ for sixteen(16) years said: “I am humbled by the opportunity to sit here and to break bread with you. I like to show something that says the ordinary people are the important people. I don’t believe in ‘Big Man Big Man’ because a Big Man cannot be a Big Man without brothers and sisters’’. “And if I come here’’ he continued,  “it is to show you that I respect you. When I do these things it is for respect and concern. I am a Christian, an Anglican and I am here with you because we are all one, there is only one Allah. if you are good he knows it. If you are bad, he knows it’’. He added, “I did not lose anybody on June 3. I did not lose anybody on May 9. So if I am sitting here to break bread with you, I do it with humility’’. Receiving the items on behalf of the beneficiaries,  Imam Shaibu Yahaya of the Baaba Attah Mosque thanked Mr. Herbert Mensah for his empathy and continues support for the families of disaster victims and other poor people. He prayed for Allah’s blessing for him and all those who support the poor in the country.

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“It shows he cares for people who are suffering. It is a good gesture to come and break the fast with us. It is a great blessing for him to do that,” one beneficiary eagerly remarked. Another beneficiary said “We were not expecting this. It came as a surprise to us to get all these items to break our fast’’. The June 3 flood cum fire disaster in Accra which claimed over 160 lives occurred in 2015. Many families within the flood prone zones in Accra did not only lose  lives of loved ones, they also lost livelihoods through the destruction of their small businesses etc and it is still  unclear two years on, if the authorities have indeed done anything new in terms of law enforcement or structural changes to avert the recurrence of such disaster in the near future. Source: 3news.com | Ghana]]>