Heavy rain leaves Nduom Sports Stadium in devastation

Trail of devastation around the newly constructed stadium[/caption] Heavy downpour Sunday evening in Cape Coast accompanied by thunderstorm has left the Nduom Sports Stadium at Elmina in devastation. The roof of the newly constructed stadium was ripped off, trapping two vehicles belonging to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and a player of Elmina Sharks, Felix Addo. [caption id="attachment_47920" align="aligncenter" width="564"] One of the trapped vehicles[/caption] No casualty was recorded by the incident which happened just about five minutes after the game between the Elmina Sharks and West African Football Academy (WAFA) was brought to an end. The week 10 encounter in the top flight league saw WAFA winning the game by two goals to one. A school behind the stadium, Redeemer Preparatory, also had some parts of its building damaged by the ripped off roof from Nduom Stadium By Thomas Cann|TV3|3n ews.com|Ghana]]>

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