Heartbreaking Farewell: Sung-Suma and Afriyie bid adieu to GMB 2023 amid emotional eviction night


In a somber turn of events, the Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2023 competition witnessed a heartbreaking moment as Upper West Region’s Sung-Suma and Eastern Region’s Afriyie faced eviction, marking an emotional farewell to their fellow contestants and the GMB stage.

The competition, which began with 32 contestants representing Ghana’s various regions, has been gradually narrowing down, and this week, two more hopefuls joined the list of the unfortunate evictees.

Sung-Suma and Afriyie, though their journey was cut short, made their regions and families proud with their remarkable performances and impassioned messages throughout their time in the competition.

On their final night in the competition, themed ‘Today’s Woman Night,’ Sung-Suma addressed the pressing issue of candidiasis, commonly known as yeast infection, among young women, shedding light on this often overlooked health concern. Afriyie, on the other hand, emphasised the importance of young people understanding that choosing a career is a lifelong commitment, distinct from yearly constraints such as pension plans or certificate withdrawals.

As a send-off token, Sung-Suma and Afriyie received a thoughtful package consisting of Vitamilk Strawberry and 5000 worth of exercise books, generously sponsored by Ena Pa Foods and Heaven Insecticide Spray & Coil. Their dedication and performances will undoubtedly be remembered as they bid adieu to the GMB stage.

It’s worth noting that Bono Region’s Kwartemaa narrowly escaped eviction, thanks to the judges who granted her a second chance to continue her GMB journey.

The eviction phase this week was an emotional and difficult one, moving one of the show’s hosts, Cookie Tee, to tears, as the weight of the eviction decisions and the heartfelt farewells took an emotional toll on all involved.

With the departure of Sung-Suma and Afriyie, the GMB competition now stands with seven contestants remaining, a testament to the intensifying competition and the growing stakes of becoming the next GMB Queen. The battle for the coveted crown, cash prizes, and other accolades has become more intense and competitive than ever.

To support your favourite contestant and ensure they have a shot at winning the title, viewers are encouraged to cast their votes by dialing *713*13# or downloading the TV3 Reality App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

As the competition advances, each episode becomes more thrilling and unpredictable, making it imperative for supporters to rally behind their chosen contestants in this exhilarating journey to crown the next GMB Queen.

By Esther Aryee|3news.com|Ghana


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