Health care is only accessible if it is affordable – Premier Health Insurance CEO

The 2018 Outstanding Health Insurance Entrepreneur of the year is promising a more competitive, hugely accessible range of services that will meet the health needs of citizens across the country. Percy Asare Ansah, CEO of Premier Health Insurance says the health needs of his clients will continuously remain a non-negotiable responsibility and will do everything to ensure that his clients have the best of healthcare to be able to give their best at work. “No company will be able to achieve its Key Performance Indicators with a sick workforce. Sickness is part of life. But the ability to access the greatest of healthcare at affordable prices will determine whether a sick employee will be able to return to work to give off his or her best. “Our job at Premier is to ensure that the health needs of workers are taken care of in order for them to work hard and increase productivity at all times,” Mr Asare Ansah said in an interview. He was adjudged the Outstanding Health Insurance Entrepreneur of the year 2018 at the just ended Ghana Entrepreneur and Corporate Executive Awards held in May. The Awards programme was to acknowledge and celebrate corporate and business executives as well as entrepreneurs who have managed successful public and private organisations within the year under review. It was also to honour emerging business leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and have contributed in diverse ways towards the growth of the private sector and Ghana’s economy at large. Mr Percy Asare Ansah picked up the enviable award for his sterling leadership in the health insurance industry. Described as the “health Insurance Whizkid” Mr Asare Ansah and the Premier Health Insurance company have picked up several awards in the past. In March 2018, he received an Entrepreneurship Award from the British Council. In 2017, the Premier Health Insurance Company was adjudged the Best Health Insurance Company of the year, by the Ghana Pharma Awards, just six years after the company was birthed.

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Mr Percy Asare Ansah said these awards are only a challenge to them so they can be able to provide quality services at all times. The Premier Health Insurance company has a wide range of services including, Health Insurance policies for Corporate Institutions, a customized Health Plan for Teachers and other government workers and Apomuden plan for individuals and companies with fewer workers as well as clients who are abroad but want their relatives to access health care in Ghana. Source: | Ghana]]>