Health alert: Fake mouthwash on sale [Video]

Some vendors are cashing in on a variety of mouthwash products on the streets of Accra without appropriate certification. The Public Health Act 2012, Act 851, prohibits the manufacture and sale of food or drugs unless approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), and the use of this mouthwash and other unapproved drugs could be detrimental to the health of consumers. There are different types of unapproved mouthwash, both liquid and powdered that have surfaced on the market being manufactured locally or imported from neighbouring Nigeria. For two months, TV3’s Peter Quao Adattor was on the streets of Accra monitoring the illegal mouthwash trade. He sought to gain more insight into activities of makers of these mouthwashes. Most of these mouthwashes are made under unhygienic conditions with ingredients such as water, hydrogen peroxide, citric acid and Listerine, some of which experts say could be harmful. Watch full story in the video below Source:|Ghana  ]]>

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