He won’t say that if his movies made sense – Bullgod replies Yaw Dabo’s ‘lazy people watch movies’

He wouldn't say that if his movies made sense - Bullgod calls Yaw Dabo's movies 'stupid'
Yaw Dabo

Ghanaian artiste manager Nana Asiamah, on Showbiz 927, has called kumawood actor Yaw Dabo’s craft some unsavoury names for Yaw Dabo’s “only lazy people watch movies that lasts for an hour” comment. Bullgod insists that if Yaw Dabo acted in movies that made sense, his sentiments would have been the opposite.

According to Bullgod, he enjoys watching movies for hours because “that is how he feeds his mind.” He added that he also learns from films with a caveat that he’s very particular about the movie he watches.

“I don’t watch stupid movies. Movies like the guy who just spoke (Yaw Dabo)… most of the movies he is in don’t make sense that’s why he’s saying what he is saying. Because if there’s something to be picked up from that movie, I’m not sure he won’t say what he is saying.”

Bullgod did admit that he does not enjoy local movies because most of them are acted out in Twi, a language he isn’t fluent in. He likens watching a local movie to watching a movie in Chinese or Arabic.

He told Caleb Nii Boye, “There’s comedy and comedy. There’s elite comedy. What I mean is that I don’t watch a lot of Ghanaian movies because I don’t understand the language, the Twi.”

Yesterday, a video of Yaw Dabo saying that only lazy people watch long-timed movies went viral. Many people, including industry stakeholders, criticised his statement with himself, Yaw Dabo rendering an apology.
The Ghana Film Producers Society – FIPAG – also apologised for his comments.

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