He is an ex-convict now; Lesson learnt – Kwaw Kese to Shatta Wale

Rap artiste Kwaw Kesse stated that Shatta wale has also joined the team of ex-convicts just like himself.

The artiste made this statement on TV3 New Day morning show hosted by Cookie Tee and Berla Mundi. He shared his thoughts on the Shatta Wale death prank and revealed that a few years back, he was once ridiculed by Shatta Wale and his fans for spending time in prison.
Today Kwaw Kesse shares that he and Shatta have found themselves in the same situation as ex-prisoners.

‘One time, I was even called ex-convicts by him and his fans. And stuff like that. But you know God being so good now we all we are ex-convicts.’

However, he believes that people cannot control how laws work. Kwaw believes the way Shatta Wale’s shooting prank was handled is a lesson to anyone who goes against the law.

“It wasn’t something I was wishing it happens to any of my colleagues, but you know we don’t have charge of the law. The law can get a grip on you at any time. And I think that’s what happened. It is really sad that my brothers had to go through it, but some of these things, you go through to learn a lesson. And I think a lesson has been learnt. You can’t be pranking people ruff-ruff like that, left and right.”

Kwaw asserts that freedom is an expensive thing to every individual. So Ghanaians should not fall prey to losing their freedom. He adds that the law is indeed working effectively under the current Inspector General of the Ghana Police Service.

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By Aaliyah Duvi-Rony|3news.com|Ghana