Hail the “Wey Gey Hey” way!

I am a big fan of hills… and probably a big fan of heels, too. A product of Commonwealth Hall set on the hill of University of Ghana, it comes as no surprise that I have such an enviable regard for a “heel” set on a Cape Coast hill— Wesley Girls High School nationally admired as “Wey Gey Hey”. Undoubtedly, one brand that comes to mind readily at the mention of excellence in girl child education in Ghana is “Wey Gey Hey”. With a spotless track record of consistently producing topnotch products, one can only imagine the impact this noble school has had on this nation since its inception. Live pure. Speak True. Right Wrong. Follow the King— that’s exactly what “Wey Gey Hey” stands for. For decades, this brand has been churning students of almost an impeccable character. Standing tall in all endeavors of life are great women who can boast of their roots in this amazing school on the hilltop. In a world where morality is now relative, one can come to terms with the fact that going the “Wey Gey Hey” way is the only option. In a society where truth has become subjective, the only value we ought to aggressively inculcate in our youth is the “Gey Hey” value. We need to endeavor to live pure ALWAYS regardless of the attractive stains that try to seduce us. The truth must ALWAYS be spoken no matter how ugly it may look. An ugly truth is healthier to the soul than a beautiful lie. In spite of the pain that we may have to endure to guard the truth, we should never fall for a lie. Purity always! Truth always! There are so many wrongs in our world today that being right seems abnormal. Standing for what is right almost seems weird in our world today. Wrong has become so common that doing right almost looks as though you just arrived from Mars! We ought to rewrite the narratives of society. We ought to write what is right on our minds to right the wrongs. We need to be the change we ever want to live in. If society begins with us, we are the only ones who can change it. The more corrupt we are, the more the sores of corruption deepen. The less corrupt we become, the less corrupt our society will be, too. We ought to go the “Wey Gey Hey” way! “Follow the King!” we are reminded by “Gey Hey”. With our diverse religious belongings, we must all follow our King (our Savior). The more we love divinity, the more we will fall in love with humanity. Our love for God must translate into love for our fellow men. Following our King means doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. Following Him means putting the interest of others far beyond ours. Our nation would have far gone past where it is today if each of us had put the nation’s interest above ours. Following our King means leaving this world with those who would be living after us in mind! Live pure. Speak True. Right Wrong. Follow the King. These should be etched on the mind of every Ghanaian— both young and old. In times when everyone wants to reach the top at any expense, we all should be reminded that fame without purity is vanity. It’s okay not to stoop low for a job promotion. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with remaining chaste till marriage. Purity is expensive. Having integrity comes at a cost, thus, should be protected at all cost. If our nation can be any better than it is now, purity can’t be sacrificed— purity in thoughts, speech and action. What we think of… we speak and what we speak… we do. A nation can’t survive without sanctity. We need to live pure! In this “social media” era where propagandists are deceiving the public with “photoshopped” images and concocted news, one needs to always vouch for the truth. The truth must always be supported to stand. No matter the storms of lies that try to drown it, we must do all we can to be the truth… and speak one. If the truth is too hard a thing to stand by, the top will be too far a place to reach. Speak the truth to yourself and others. Be truly yourself and allow others to be who they are, too. It doesn’t really matter how smelly the truth may be. We must always stand by it. Speak true! In your world, right the wrong. Let all others do the wrong but be the right. Be the standard of dignity. Be the model of right. In your closet, do what’s right. In the eyes of the public, still do same. We must be the yardstick of that which is right wherever we find ourselves. Last but not least, we must follow our King. The total sum of religion is to change our character— to mold us into beings that love humanity even more. We can’t follow our King yet do things that translate into hatred for our brethren. The fate of our national development hinges on these few words— live pure, speak true, right wrong, follow the King. We sweep our destiny under the carpet when we throw these out of the window of selfishness. When you have a pure life, our nation becomes pure, too. When you don’t, your guess is as good as mine. “Wey Gey Hey” stands for the model Ghanaian— a patriot who lives purely, rights the wrongs, speaks the truth no matter what… and follows his/her King. God, should you recreate me, I kindly want to be a brainy young girl who would have the “Wey Gey Hey” experience, too. Haha. By Kobina Ansah The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (www.scribecommltd.com).]]>

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