GWCL Accra West arrests meter thief from Nigeria


The Accra West Region of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has arrested Marvis Godwin, a Nigerian, for stealing a customer’s water meter in Nyanyano.

The incident, which occurred at dawn on Thursday, September 14, is one of the numerous cases of meter thievery the Company faces in its operations throughout the country.

It will be recalled that in March this year, the Accra West Region of GWCL reported the alarming rate at which some members of the public were stealing water meters and water connection materials in its Dansoman, Nyanyano and Kasoa operational areas.

The incidence went down drastically following the wide media attention it received but it has reared its ugly head again.

“We have started recording cases of meter theft again and this time, we will not let the thieves go untouched,” the Company said on Thursday.

Mr. Marvis Godwin, the thief, is currently in the custody custody of the Kasoa Police and will be arraigned before court at 8:00am on Friday, September 15.

“While the Company is currently striving to work with meters with no metallic components, we want our customers and the public to note that most of the existing meters have these components and so they (the public and customers) should assist us by being on the look out for perpetrators of these dastardly acts and report them to GWCL or the Police.”



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