GUM founder promises to deliver for Ghanaians

The founder of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) Reverend Christian Kwabena Andrew alias Osofokyiribosom has promised to release lands to the rightful owners if elected as President of the republic.

He vowed to appropriate such lands that belong to royals and families to rightful kingsmen and clansmen to avoid any further land litigation in the country.

In an interview with the daily graphic last Sunday Mr Kwabena Andrew noted that his ambition to become president is to better a lot of Ghanaians in the country.

“I am not in my quest to lead this country to become a president just for self-aggrandizement or enhance my wealth, I’m already wealthy by the grace of God, I want to help the numerous Ghanaians who struggle to make a living,” he told the Daily Graphic.

He promised to account for every pesewa as President of Ghana and run a transparent government if elected.

Mr Kwabena Andrews noted that Ghana is retrogressing under Akufo Addo and if good men don’t salvage the situation, the country could become a banana republic.

“This is the first time that as a nation we are such a mess, nothing like this has ever happened such that we can’t even borrow, manage our debt, and even pay salaries of workers and contractors,” he stated.

He called on Ghanaians to revolutionalise their minds and look to GUM for salvation and restoration of the Ghanaian pride.

He further challenged Ghanaians to put out their biases and trust his party to deliver for Ghanaians.

Reverend Kyiribosom warned supposedly men of God who have tagged themselves to politicians to stop their act as they are disgracing God and rather tell politicians the truth.

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“Let it be known that these pastors and prophets who are prophesying and following politicians are wrong, they must put a stop to this behaviour, examine where the country is going and join me to pray for the nation,” he stated

He expressed the hope that all with be well if Ghanaians make the right decisions at the polls next year.


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