Guard your integrity – BBC’s Peter Okwoche tells journalists

Peter Okwoche hosts BBC’s ‘Focus on Africa’[/caption] Host of BBC’s Focus on Africa Peter Okwoche has charged journalists in Africa and beyond to remain focused on their career and desist from allowing themselves to be exploited. “We should be impartial in the way we tell our stories. It’s not about us, and it’s about the subject and not us.” According to Mr Okoche, who was speaking on TV3’s New Day on Monday, in as much as some media houses do not pay employees well, it is not an excuse for journalists to accept bribes. Asked whether he had been a beneficiary of ‘brown envelopes’, Peter Okwoche said although he has been offered bribes and ‘soli[darity]’ on many occasions, he has never taken them. He noted such a ‘commitment’ on the part of the journalist leaves little to be desired of his or her credibility and integrity. “Once you receive a brown envelope, your story has been tainted, the news that you’ve been gathering has been tainted.” Peter Okwoche further urged journalists to move away from focusing their lenses entirely on politicians, and tell the story of ordinary people. The Focus on Africa host is in Ghana to talk about this year’s BBC African Footballer of the Year. This year’s award sees nomination from five African players: Nigeria’s Victor Moses of Chelsea, Egypt’s Mo Salah, who plays for Liverpool, Senegal’s Sadio Mané, who also plays for Liverpool, Gabon’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who plays for Dortmond and Guinea’s Naby Keita, who plays for  RB Leibzig in Germany. Winner of this year’s award will be revealed on Focus on Africa on December 11, 2017. By Irene Amesimeku|| Ghana

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