GTEC Boss gives overview of roadmap for establishing Open University Ghana

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Last week, the Director General of Ghana Tertiary Education Commission(GTEC) Professor Mohammed Salifu together with other panelists gave overview of the road map for establishing Open University Ghana to be established in the country.

At the workshop were lectures from various universities in Ghana who gave an in-depth opinion on what the open university is about and the benefits to Ghana and West African.

The programme was organised jointly by the Commonwealth of Learning, Ministry of Education, Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, and Laweh University College, Accra.

“Open university is about the technology integrated study, we won’t need any brick and mortar schools, university or structures,” he said.

Several issues were raised at the forum concerning the establishment of the open university.

These were “Quality assurance mechanism, standard and indicators to manage ODeL, issues of management and coordination of ODeL at the institutional and nationals level, support for student and staff, gender equality.”

Professor Goski Alabi, the Consulting President of Laweh University College came up with the policy objectives and resolutions.

She stated “The G-tech should set a Small committee of excellence that will be made up of the key areas discussed of infrastructure and IT.”

She further asked the committee to finish a draft work by December 2022, finalization of the draft policy by June 2023 and by December 2023 a white paper containing the policies should be ready for authorities to summit that data to meet the deadline of the establishment of the Open University Ghana in 2024.

By Emmanuella Adams and Emmanuel Gyan||Ghana

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