GSA urges public to report cases of sub-standard goods

Management of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has tasked consumers to report persons who sell sub-standard products on the market. Speaking in an interview on Onua FM’s Ye Nsempa, Business Development Manager of the GSA, George Kojo Anti said the clamping down on the sale of sub-standard products cannot be done by the Authority alone, and called on the general public to get involved. “There is a minimum requirement that every product should meet, hence in the Authority’s effort to set standards and certify products, consumers as well should take keen interest in clearing inferior products in the country. “There is no country built on sub-standard products that will grow. Therefore anything manufactured in Ghana, imported to Ghana, imported and been offered for sale in Ghana must be certified,” he stressed. Mr. Anti maintained the Ghana Standards Authority conducts checks on imported products before allowing them into the country. According to him, Ghana is a heavy import dependent country. He also advised consumers to check on certified products imported into the country on the Ghana Standard Authority’s website. “As consumers, it will be in our interest to make sure the products we buy are checked.”

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