Group vows to resist impeachment of Musah Superior

Some members of the group, Patriots of Tamale[/caption] A new group has emerged in Tamale to resist attempts by some members of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to impeach their chief executive, Iddrissu Musah Superior. Thirty-one of the 58 assembly members are seeking to impeach the MCE over allegations of financial malfeasance and show of disrespect, claiming Mr Superior has been using the assembly’s scarce resources to pay salaries of some 61 taskforce of the assembly. The MCE has since denied those claims, which he described as “baseless”.He has notwithstanding, indicated his willingness to avail himself to the impeachment process stating he does not “fear the outcome “. But a group calling itself the Patriots of Tamale, has vowed to ensure that the assembly members backtrack on their impeachment processes or face their wrath.“We are sending a very strong warning to the conveners of this non-starter vote of no confidence to either backtrack or we will show them where power lies when they come asking for our votes,” Secretary to the group, Abdul Ganiu Mankarigu said Friday. The  Patriots of Tamale argued in a statement issued Friday that the assembly members are aggrieved because they were denied some contracts by the municipal chief executive. “We are reliably informed that the leaders of this rhetorical move wanted some contracts to be awarded to them but because they aren’t qualified, hence their decision to tarnish the hard won reputation of one of the finest MCE Tamale Metro has ever hard,” the statement said. Meanwhile, the group has also served notice to resist any attempt by anyone or group of persons to attempt to destruct any state property.

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By Shaharan Mohammed||Ghana]]>