‘Greedy Men’: Stonebwoy attacks galamsey in new song

Ghanaian musician, Stonebwoy, explains that his new song, ‘Greedy Men’, will create awareness about the dangers of certain activities that threaten the natural balance of our environment.

The dancehall artiste spoke with Johnnie Hughes on Tv3 New Day about his latest release and the message it sends to people.
‘Greedy Men’ was released on November 3, 2021, and has since gained a lot of accolades from fans and media personalities.

The environmental-progressive song sums up the campaign against galamsey (illegal mining). And how leaders and individuals in their quest for money engage in endangering activities that affect the environment and subsequently natives of the land.

Stonebwoy urged everyone to pay attention to the messages in the song to be enlightened and inspired to champion a worthy course to fight illegal activities for a better living standard.

“I honestly want my fans to be in support of it. The call is not to drive anybody away from the hustling bread. Because I know that there are factors that push us all into certain things that endanger our lives, especially as youth and people of Ghana. Galamsey or illegal mining is part of. I am hitting on the part where these companies or these Chinese or foreigners use local labour for a meagre amount where we know that the risk is high. And people die in these pits every day.

“The Honourable Minister, John Abu Jinapor, just last month was on a tour, and he cautioned and spoke about things. So I want my fans to be hopeful and not be angry or express their distress. But get hope and gather the energy to know that we deserve better. So we are all going to raise our voices to speak to power and speak to the situation so that we can get better living standards and living conditions.”

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‘Greedy Men’ is available on both audio listening and video streaming platforms across the world.

By Aaliyah Rony-Duvi|3news.com|Ghana