GRAF clarifies outcome of Ghana’s Participation in 2018 Robofest World Championship

GIANTBOT 1 of Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS) was one of the groups that represented Ghana at ROBOFEST 2018

The Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation (GRAF) has provided clarity to some varying reports in the media regarding the outcome of Ghana’s participation in the 2018 Robofest World Championship held in Michigan from May 17 -19.

The event had three senior high school teams representing Ghana: SHUT UP (Right to Dream Football Academy), GIANTBOT 1 (Ghana Secondary Technical School, GSTS) and ROID (Opoku Ware Senior High School).

According to GRAF, which is the Ghanaian representative of Robofest, the SHUT UP team came up 8th while GIANTBOT 1  and ROID came up 12th and  14th” in the World Championship. GRAF again noted that some awards were won by the Ghanaian teams.

“There were also awards conferred on two of the Ghana teams. SHUT UP received one of the INNOVATION AWARD(s) and one of the SPIRIT OF ROBOFEST TEAM PHOTO AWARD(s). ROID also received one of the INNOVATION AWARD(s)”

GRAF congratulates the teams and encourages more Ghanaian teams to participate in the next edition of Robofest.

“GRAF would like to congratulate all the teams which competed in the 2018 ROBOFEST World Championship and entreats many more teams to compete in the 2019 national qualifiers for ROBOFEST (likely to be held in January 2019) in order to have the opportunity to compete next year”


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