GRA will collect E-levy – Finance Ministry

The Ministry of Finance has dismissed claims that a private company has ben contracted to collect the E-levy.

The Ministry said the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is going to collect the levy and not a private entity.

This issue had been raised y North Tongu lawmaker Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa.

Mr Ablajwa had said “We take the view that over the last four years, the Ghanaian taxpayer has been burdened with billions of cedis in the name of revenue assurance contracts and arrangements and so you can speak to the KelniGVG and the rest, and they are very costly…. We should by now be having very adequate and reliable systems if we are getting value for money for all of these arrangements. We do not need another entity to be granted such a colossal amount in the name of revenue assurance,” he said.

But a statement issued by the Finance Minister said “The attention of the Ministry of Finance has been drawn to social media publications claiming that government has dropped the allocation of GHC241,933,000 for the E-Transaction Levy Services in the 2022 Budget and it will, therefore, not appear in the Appropriations Bill.

Ignore Media Publication on Ghc241M E-Levy

“Additionally, the Ministry is aware of allegations making the rounds that a private company has been awarded a contract to collect the E-Levy. Another allegation is that the services of the said private company have now been abrogated. The Ministry of Finance wish to state that these allegations are all untrue

​”The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is the state agency mandated to provide for the collection services, the cost of which shall not exceed the standard cost of revenue mobilization as has always been the practice. This standard indicative cost is what is outlined in the budget. GRA will manage all discussions to ensure full deployment of their current platforms and resources for the collection of the E-Levy.

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“On 6th December 2021, the Hon. Minister for Finance provided full clarification on the earmarking of GHC241m as the E-levy services fee. For avoidance of doubt, and to prevent further misinformation, we reproduce the relevant sections of the Minister’s statement.

“We do have an understanding with the Ghana Revenue Authority which uses up to 3% of the money it raises for ensuring that they can make such collections. The GH241 million is therefore a reserve that is intended to be put aside to facilitate GRA’s collection of these resources”, to quote the Minister.

“Additionally, typically when we have new tax measures, there is the issue of refunds and we usually make some compensation for that, sometimes 6% or so of the value to ensure that if those refunds come, we are able to pay for them”, the Minister added.

“So, in essence, this really will be to back up GRA in a way to ensure that all the problems that people envisage and the difficulties other countries have had will be mitigated in Ghana, so we should be in readiness to support that.”

​”We wish to reiterate that; the E-Transaction Levy remains one of the efficient means by which Government would be able to raise the needed revenue to support the economic development programmes for 2022. We count on your support.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana