Gov’t to inspect covid-19 protocols compliance at workplaces

Government is embarking on a nationwide random inspection of offices, shops and factories as coronavirus infections keep rising at workplaces in Ghana.

The exercise to be carried out by the Ministry of Ministry of Employment and Labour from July 1 is to ensure strict compliance with and enforcement of all covid-19 protocols and guidelines by government and WHO.

It said government has noticed with grave concern the spread of covid-19 infections at workplaces despite measures taken by Ghana to curtail the spread of the virus.

The team will be taking interest in a response plan indicating the institutions’ preparedness for covid-19 prevention at the workplace, evaluate mechanisms for covid-19 prevention and look out for evidence of physical distancing during meetings.

It will also conduct risk assessment of potential interaction between workers and non-workers at the workplace, train management and workers on the correct use, maintenance and disposal of protective gears.

Also, the team will look for evidence of communication between management, workers and workers’ representatives or over the phone.

A statement from the Ministry said the team will take interest in the existence of an isolation room for persons who develop Covid-19 symptoms at the workplace, while awaiting transfer to an appropriate health facility.

Arrangements for disinfection of the workplace will also be on the watch list of the team

They will seek the organisation’s consultation with occupational health services, local public health authorities and other partners to promote and develop information materials and other technical advice to prevent risk of exposure.

It has thus entreated employers and workers to make changes in their workplaces to curtail the spread of the covid-19.

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