Gov’t to continue reliance on Cuban doctors

Government has expressed gratitude to its Cuban counterpart for the offer of medical practitioners from the Caribbean nation to the West African country.

Cuban doctors as part of an exchange programme have practised in Ghana while some Ghanaians have been offered scholarships to study medicine in Cuba.

As part of emergency plans to sustain health care in the face of the doctors’ strike in the country, Minister of Health Dr Alex Segbefia says government will continue to rely on the Cuban medical practitioners to save the situation.

This is only part of the plans as government says the Ghana Ambulance Service, for instance, has been put on high alert to see to emergencies.

Dr Segbefia told journalists in Accra on Tuesday, August 18 that due to the expansion of healthcare in the country given the number facilities the government is erecting across the country, the healthforce would have to be expanded.

He, therefore, appealed to striking doctors to return to work for negotiations to continue.

According to him, government has met all its timelines with regard to the negotiations, having been present at all meetings with leadership of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA).

But the doctors’ stance has made things difficult, he said, making it impossible for government to tell when this impasse will be completely cleared.


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