Gov’t shouldn’t play politics with Karpower barge – Nduom

Founder of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom says getting all the technical functions right in the operation of the 225-megawatt power ship from Turkey should be a priority to government.

According to him, that should be done before meddling in tariffs to be paid by consumers.

The two-time presidential candidate continues that the losses suffered by Ghanaians in the face of loadshedding are too excruciating that no other issues must be allowed to worsen hopes in the power barge.

“The Minister of Power, the President and the NDC Administration must know that Ghanaians have suffered losses due to dumsor, some of which cannot and will not be erased. These losses are etched in the memories of industrialists, families and many, many others. These wounds must not be bruised by the President, the Power Minister or the NDC. They must go and sit behind closed doors, final the money and the technical resources to get the barge working continuously and move on to solve the other related power problems that exist. Seriously. No politics.”

Dr Nduom wrote this on his official Facebook page on Sunday.

“Dumsor is a serious problem that needs serious, concentrated technical and financial solutions and management,” he opened his piece.

Though the Minister of Power, Dr Kwabena Donkor, has toned down any hopes about the arrival of the power barge in ending loadshedding, most Ghanaians believe there must be an improvement in the three-year crisis.

But Dr Nduom said a lot of work needs “to be done including the determination of how much the consumers will pay for the power to be produced by the barge”.

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By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana