Gov’t officials frustrating investigation into Prez press corps accident

Reports reaching indicates that there are deliberate attempts within government and without to frustrate the investigations into the accident of the presidential press corps which left one journalist dead.

Almost 10 days after the accident, no official information has been released from either government or the Ghana Police service even on the whereabouts of the vehicle or the driver, two key elements needed to expedite the investigations.

When TV3 News crew visited the accident scene, a day after the misfortune around the Shai Hills, the rented vehicle which was in a swampy ditch had disappeared into thin air.

What was found at the accident scene were leaflets of journalists’ notepads, shoes and torn belongings of occupants of the speeding vehicle which somersaulted about three times before unfortunately landing on one the journalists who flew out of it during the somersault.

Eyewitnesses told the news team it was towed away in the night under the cover of darkness.

When the news crew followed up to two of the nearest police stations where the vehicle could probably be, it was nowhere to be found. Officers on duty at these police posts were tight lipped about the whereabouts of the vehicle.

Our deep throat sources within the Police service have indicated that there are efforts to ensure that the final report of the investigation is not “credible.”

The investigative team has not had access to the vehicle, they have not been able to meet the driver and very little or no information is released about the unfortunate issue.

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Clearly simple rules of the Police Motor and Transport Department (MTTD) were flouted immediately the vehicle was moved from the scene in the absence of the driver and the investigative team. Police officials in the Tema area were tasked to begin the investigation but that duty was later transferred t their colleagues in Accra.

Since then nothing concrete has been arrived at and the friends and family of the affected persons still wait in a vacuum to hear any official information on the incident.

So far, our sources say only the sides of the journalists have been captured by the investigative team. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) officials are also at sea as to where the vehicle is to ascertain the road worthiness of the vehicle.

The only good news since the accident happened is that some of the journalists involved have been treated and discharged. Although others are still receiving treatment, they are recovering quite speedily.

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey||Ghana