Gov’t declares health situation an emergency; outlines measures of containment today

The Minister of Health, Dr Alex Segbefia, is expected to today, Tuesday, August 18, outline measures put in place by government to contain the health situation in the country.

The situation at health facilities have worsened over the past few weeks due to a strike action by members of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA).

The members – mostly doctors – serving in the public sector have withdrawn emergency and out-patient department services to demand “signed” conditions of service from their employer, government.

Negotiations have broken down after government withdrew, accusing the doctors of acting in bad faith.

Before then government officials including the president, John Dramani Mahama, have declared the doctors’ action illegal.

The doctors have also accused government of acting in bad faith by whipping up public anger against them through propaganda.

Though government directed patients to quasi-public health facilities including the 37 Military and Police hospitals, those facilities appear to be overwhelmed by the throngs of patients.

Dr Segbefia is expected to tell Ghanaians what other measures government has adopted to contain the situation.


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