Govt begins recruitment of health professionals

Government would from Thursday commence recruitment of General Nurses, Midwives, Mental Nurses, Registered Community Health Nurses and Allied Health Professionals into the Health Sector “Following a Financial Clearance granted by the Ministry of Finance for the recruitment of 2016 batch of the above-mentioned categories of Health Professionals from the Public Health Institutions, the Ministry of Health wishes to inform the general public, particularly, qualified trainees who fall within the above description that it will commence recruitment process into the various agencies from Thursday, 21st March, 2019,” a statement from the Health Ministry said. The statement therefore asked qualified trainees who are part of these groups whose clearance has been received and intend to work in the various agencies under the Ministry of Health to formally apply online by logging onto the online application portal Applicants are required to follow relevant instructions on the site to select the preferred agency: GHS, CHAG, KBTH, KATH, TTH, CCTH, Police Hospital, MHA, Prisons Service, Ahmadiya Health Service.

Rotational nurses demand 8-month unpaid allowances
Break down of categories of Health Professionals for Recruitment : ▪Registered General Nurses (RGNs) ▪Registered Midwives (RMs) ▪Registered Community Health Nurses (RCNs) ▪Registered Mental Health  Nurses (RMNs) ▪Diploma Medical laboratory(Laboratory Technicians) ▪Disease Control (Cert) – Field Technicians Technical Officers : ▪DC (Diploma Disease Control) ▪Nutrition (Diploma in Nutrition) ▪Health Promotion (Diploma in Health Promotion) ▪Health Information (Diploma Health Information) ▪Medical Records (Certificate) – Technical Assistant ▪Community Mental Health Officers (Diploma in Community Mental Health) ▪Registered Dental Surgery Assistants (Diploma Registered Dental Surgery Assistants) ▪Dental Technicians (Diploma Dental Technicians) ▪Technical Officer – Orthotics (Diploma Orthopedics) ▪Physiotherapy Assistants (Diploma Physiotherapy Assistants) ▪Optical Technician (Certificate Optical Dispensing Technicians) NB: Deadline for submission of application is Thursday, 28th March, 2019 Source: | Ghana]]>


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