Goosie Tanoh sues NDC over GH¢420k fee?

A flagbearer hopeful of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Augustus Goosie Tanoh, is considering a legal suit against the party over the filing fees for next year’s presidential primary. Goosie Tanoh is among eight flagbearer aspirants who have petitioned the Council of Elders over the filing fees. They claim it is exorbitant and a ripoff.

So, all but one of the eight ‘petitioners’ failed to pick the nomination forms on deadline day, Tuesday, December 4. The party’s National Executive Committee (NEC), which took the decision, closed the picking of forms on Tuesday and confirmed that all aspirants who failed to turn up have forfeited the opportunity to be on the ballot paper of the January 19, 2019 elections. This is what has provoked Goosie Tanoh’s mulling of a legal suit against the party. A release issued by Organising for Ghana, a support group for the Goosie 2020 Campaign, said NEC did not follow due process in deciding on the fee and even the date of the primary. It said there are constitutional breaches over the issuing of guidelines by NEC for the presidential primary. The release called for a restart of the process, which it claims currently favours John Dramani Mahama. It concluded that Mr Tanoh is not withdrawing from the contest by his refusal to pick forms during the two-day window but thinks the whole process is unconstitutional. “We will also take whatever steps political or legal to protect our interests and the interests of the party masses.”
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By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana ]]>