Golden Star Resources support Breast Care International to fight breast Cancer

Golden Star Resources Ladies Club has presented an amount of GHC 22,500 to Breast Care International, to support the NGO in its quest to create awareness and fight breast cancer in Ghana.

The ladies club has also taken the initiative to campaign for breast cancer awareness with education programs for women and girls

The fund given to the NGO is to be used to directly support the outreach programmes undertaken by Breast Care International.

A representative of the ladies club, Evelyn Gifty Bilson, said they are also embarking on series of education programmes to correct the misconception and myths surrounding the breast cancer disease.

The group has already offered free breast cancer screening for 2,500 women and has encouraged 81 ladies to seek further assessment to prevent breast cancer.

Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Wiafe-Addai, Chief Executive Officer of Peace and Love Hospital, and President of Breast Care International, lauded the Golden Star Resources Ladies Club for joining them in the fight against breast cancer.

She said the funds presented to them by the Ladies Club will help the organization to reach out to women and girls in the remotest part of the country and offer them education on the disease and how to fight it.

Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Wiafe-Addai urged families to seek accurate information about the disease and dispel the myths that breast cancer is a spiritual disease or a curse.

“Breast cancer is a curable disease when detected early”, she stated.

Mrs. Wiafe disclosed that the NGO has started creating more awareness in all the over 800 senior high schools across the country and will need more funds to cover all the schools.

Despite Ghana’s capacity to effectively prevent and treat breast cancer locally, about a third of people diagnosed as having breast cancer die annually.

The high rate of death resulting from cancer has been attributed, mainly, to ignorance and delay in reporting the health condition to health facilities for treatment.

To help prevent breast cancer related deaths, the Breast Care International was founded in 2002.

The Non-Governmental Organization is dedicated to the establishment of Breast cancer awareness centers throughout the country, to create breast cancer awareness among Ghanaian women, especially rural women, since they form the majority, educate them about the existence of breast cancer, undertake screening exercises, diagnosis, counseling, treatment, rehabilitation as well as research into the various breast pathologies especially breast cancer in Ghana.

By: Ibrahim Abubakar/

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