Gold Coast beauties rocked

As 6th March draws nearer and the euphoria of Ghana’s 60th anniversary builds up, let’s muse over the unadulterated beauty of the ideal woman of the Gold Coast era. What influenced her sense of style and beauty? This beauty was adorned in her bridal attire clearly flaunting her perky boobs.

Ever wondered why the local clothing industry seem to have failed miserably? I’m seated glaring at this image with a heavy heart. Everything I’m wearing was imported, from the shirt, jean trouser, brassier down to my panties are all imported. This is not as a result of choice but because the Ghanaian clothing industry is weak. African prints are not even African but elaborate western business mechanisms rooted in Africa for financial gains. The image above reads  ”Gold Coast ladies conform very fully to European ideas of dress. Long skirts are the rule, with sleeveless jumpers hanging loose above”. The western influence on the Ghanaian clothing industry has done more harm than good. At 60, Ghana should at least be capable of clothing herself.

The display of perky breasts in some of these archival images of Gold Coast women is quite intriguing. Even though her breasts are bare, they arouse no sexual connotations as compared to images of  bare breasts in modern times.

How has the Ghanaian woman metamorphosed over the past 60 years? Has she developed her sense of identity as a woman, confident and proud of her heritage or is she blinded by western influence while frantically trying to look different from her natural self? Adorning herself in  cloths not hers, hair not hers and bleaching every trace of  melanin from her skin and fervently trying to have a foreign accent? As we mark our beloved nation’s 60th anniversary, may we endeavor to play our part.
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By Ayerkie Narnor||Ghana ]]>