Going to the club doesn’t make me a ‘bad’ wife – Patapaa’s wife

Going to the club doesn’t make me a 'bad' wife – Patapaa’s wife
Patapaa and wife, Liha Miller
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Liha Miller, the wife of Ghanaian musician Patapaa Amisty, debunks divorce rumours and explains that marriage should not rob her of her life. According to her, going out to the club is how she destresses after a long hard week.

For Liha Miller, letting her hair down in a room full of people blasting music is therapeutic. She revealed that people were shocked, and some even outraged that she frequents clubs as a married woman. Patapaa’s wife believes this hobby may have been a catalyst for the infamous ‘divorce’ rumours.

“I hear a lot of stories. Liha, you are married, and you are going to the club. Am I spending your money to go to the club? Am I hurting anyone? I’m spending my own money to go out. So if anyone wants to talk about it, it can only be my parents, Patapaa or Patapaa’s parents.

“It doesn’t mean that because I go to the club, I’m worse than the person who goes to church. Even when I go to the club, I see other married people too. That doesn’t mean the person is not married or they are bad people.”

Liha Miller shared her passion for content creation and how she is slowly infiltrating the Skit industry from Nigeria. She pointed out that people may see these videos of her not wearing her ring, but that doesn’t prove her marriage to Patapaa has ended.

“Like I’m doing TikTok, maybe you will see my fingers only to a certain part. If I remove this ring right now, it doesn’t mean I’m not married to the person again. Every marriage has problems. Every marriage has ups and downs… But you can’t say the person is shooting a movie now, and they have removed the ring, so they are not married. It’s not true. Some people are even married, and they are not wearing rings… As I said, people will always find something to say,” she revealed to Zionfelix.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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