God is the reason I don’t cheat on my wife – Uncle Ebo Whyte

God is the reason I don’t cheat on my wife – Uncle Ebo Whyte
Uncle Ebo Whyte

They say that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and that is how Uncle Ebo Whyte keeps his marriage clean and free from infidelity.

As usual, the relationship counsellor shared a real-life experience with his audience about how he remains faithful to his wife. In a Facebook post, Uncle Ebo Whyte disclosed that the fear of God is what keeps him away from extramarital affairs.

“In our earlier years of marriage and during my active counselling days, there were times my wife suspected me of cheating on her. I once told her that I can cheat on her without her having a clue about it.

“I said to her, “ I won’t cheat on you, not because of you but because I fear God.”

He continued to give the 3 key principles that keep him grounded in his relationship.

“Yesterday, I asked about King David and why he seduced Bathsheba though he had many wives.
From my own experience :

  1. My fear of God and my desire to honour Him in my life and our marriage has ensured I remain true to my wife.
  2. The mercies of God.
  3. I have learnt to hold myself accountable to my wife.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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