Go hard on ponzi scheme operators – Ace Ankomah to regulators

Investment lawyer and Managing Partner at Bentsi-Enchil, Letsa and Ankomah, Ace Ankomah wants government to as a matter of urgency, enforce the laws of the country by ensuring that operators of ponzi schemes are punished. Speaking on the stance of the law on ponzi schemes in Ghana, he questioned why the law has been silent on  ponzi schemes. He wants perpetrators to be prosecuted to deter others. Ace Ankomah was speaking at the maiden economic dialogue organized by the Media General group, themed “Investment in the Face of Ponzi Schemes: How Do we Clean the Mess?” on Thursday. Ghana has been hit with numerous fraudulent schemes in the financial sector with the Savannah Brokerage, DKM and God Is Love are recent on the minds of many Ghanaians. Ace Ankomah is pushing for the laws should be implemented to the letter “Why do we have laws, yet no one has been prosecuted or sent to jail?” he asked, “The Registrar General and Attorney Generals Department have too much power to clear the system off these schemes. They have to use these powers to protect poor customers and their hard earned monies” By Grace Asare/3FM/3news.com]]>

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