Go for mental check-up before you agree to marry – Would-be couples advised

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Takoradi-based lawyer Fiifi Buckman has said that couples should go for mental check-up before going into marriage or quit deadly relationships.

He said this will prevent incidents such as being maimed or killed at the expense of the children involved.

Speaking to Monica Dede Odonkor, popularly known as Aroma, on Asetenapa on Connect FM on last Saturday, Mr Buckman opined that some relationships had a false start with intermittent inaction, for example, from men who persistently inquire about calls their women receive at a particular time .

“Some pre-marriage indicators of bad marriage are that the men out of extreme jealousy frequently ask who was on the phone with the would-be partners anytime they get a phone call, sometimes it may result in violence but never predict a change when you marry such a person,” he pointed out.

Referring to the recent spousal killings going on around the country, the solicitor hinted that some men keep deadly weapons such as knives, pistols, acids to threaten their would-be partners during courtship and those who behave violently cannot change when they enter into marriage.

Mr. Buckman prescribed mental check-up for would-be partners before tying the knot because some of these men and women behave extremely insane.

Source: Connect FM|3news.com|Ghana