GMB2017: 13wks of thrills and more take-off with stage fright, slips by contestants

Ten beautiful and intelligent ladies representing the 10 regions of Ghana on Sunday night started a 13-week journey that will see one of them emerging as the proud winner of TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2017 pageant.

The event took off with live performances from the ladies after almost a month of preparation for the biggest and most successful television beauty pageant in the country.

One after the other, the girls who donned nicely designed African prints from GTP, were ushered onto the stage with a traditional song and dance from their respective regions.

And as expected, the presentation of most of the girls on their first night was not without some stage fright as almost all of them proved they were virgins to such a big platform with many in-studio and thousands of television audience.

Their costumes were on point, just as their posture but their presentation, however, lacked the ‘wow factor’. Some fumbled as they missed some lines in their presentation but managed to pick up and continue to the end.

The judges, Mrs Ampah [L] and Mr Provencal [R]
Judges for the night, Oscar Provencal and Mrs Linda Ampah, rated the performance of the ladies ‘okay’ and pardoned them for the slight mistakes they made considering it was their first performance.

“It’s not easy being on the stage…but you’re in this competition to represent not only TV3 but to represent Ghana. You’re here to sell Ghana. You need to come along with something extra…we want the wow factor,” Mr Provencal told the ladies as he congratulated them.

Mrs Ampah who observed from the presentation that most of the ladies had learned their scripts by rote [chew and pour] advised against that, indicating that contributed to the slips some of them had.

For Mrs Ampah, the best way to go will be for them to understand the scripts and deliver it in their own words in order not to be found wanting during their performances.

Being the first night, each of the contestants gave a history of their respective regions; bringing out how some of the towns got their names, notable tourism and cultural sites, key personalities and statesmen, the culture of the people and their food among others.

From Serwaa representing the Eastern Region, through Zeinab [Northern], Ayeley [Greater Accra], Baaba [Central Region], Adom [Brong Ahafo], Edem [Volta], Nana [Western], Numbu [Upper West] and Yaa [Ashanti] to Talata [Upper East], the ladies interspersed their performance with a touch of their local languages apparently to prove their origin.

The GMB pageant is televised live on TV3 on Sundays between 8:00pm and 10:00pm


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