GMB has no competition – Chaperone extraordinaire Akosuavee says

Celebrity stylist and fashion blogger AKOSUAVEE (AV) is one of Ghana’s household names when it comes to fashion and style.
She is recognised for her uniqueness and her good sense of fashion, which she’s exhibited over the years.
AKOSUAVEE has been a major contributor to the success of the 10th edition of TV3’s reality show Ghana’s Most Beautiful which ends on Sunday, October 23.
The chaperone, as she is called in the reality house, shares some of her moments with online journalist Nana Afrane Asante (NA) in this exclusive interview.
AV: The name is Violet Bannerman Quaye and the brand name is AKOSUAVEE, a celebrity and personal stylist, fashion blogger and a personal shopper.
NA: What’s your role in GMB?
AV: I am their chaperon and basically I am in charge of the girls in terms of everything that happens behind the scenes right from the reality house and you name it.
NA: What has been your experience with the girls so far?
AV: So far, so good but you know we had ten girls from different backgrounds and regions so definitely it hasn’t been easy as I expected but I believe in adjusting to any kind of situation you find yourself in. Of course, you are definitely bound to face challenges here and there but work has to be done and that is why I am here, so I believe in doing what I have to do and most importantly do it well. I will say God has been good.
NA: Your impressions about the ‘Legacy Edition’ of GMB?
AV: One word: Excellent! (Smiles)
NA: What makes GMB special and different from other reality shows?
AV: I wouldn’t condemn any other reality show but I will choose GMB over any other reality show any day, anytime and it’s not because I’m their chaperon. I am saying this because of what the ladies get to learn and the exposure it gives them. Everybody gets the exposure but with GMB we are trying to project their cultural values and I can tell you that I have learnt a lot of things myself from this wonderful experience I will never forget.
NA: How do the girls cope with the pressure before a live stage performance?
AV: Everyday is pressure and right after their performance on Sunday, they are given their tasks, which you must start working on straightaway. It’s not easy but this is a reality show and there has to be a winner, so you must do what you are instructed to.
NA: Who would you tip to win the competition if you have to be bias?
AV: They are all my girls and I do love them. These girls are all good and strong and I honestly can’t make a choice even if a knife was put down my throat. I don’t have a favourite because I love them equally.
NA: What are you expecting next year from GMB?
AV: To be honest, this year has been full of surprises and one can’t tell what the organisers have up their sleeves. GMB will definitely keep improving and I can see something extraordinary coming up next year.
NA: Your final words?
AV: This has been an amazing 13 weeks in my life and I will share my experience with the people out there. GMB has educated me on a lot of things and I believe the other five ladies who did not make the final cut may also have picked up a lot of positives from the completion. I wish the final five the best of luck on Sunday and a special thank you to the organisers and sponsors of this wonderful show.

Credit: Nana Afrane Asante

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