GMB 2021: Volta region’s Setor emerges Star Performer of the night

GMB 2021: Volta region’s Setor emerges Star Performer of the night
Setor (Volta Region)
Volta Region’s representative Setor outdid herself with a reverting performance on how herbal and orthodox medicine can be used to treat and manage mental illnesses. Therefore it came as no surprise when she won the star performer award. 

According to Setor Abra Norgbe, burying our heads in the sand when danger approaches is the best description of how mental health issues are handled in our communities. She pointed out that myths and misconceptions surrounding the health condition are doing more harm than good. Setor explained that mental illnesses like depression and anxiety should not be attributed to curses or the spiritual workings of maleficent beings. These are recognized health issues that can be treated with herbal and orthodox medicines administered in their rightful doses. 

Setor – Volta region

“We are not saying that traditional medicine is bad. Have we ever wondered about the emotional trauma and turmoil that families go through because their relatives have been wrongly accused of witchcraft? Unknowingly we create another mental illness for the society.”

Dressed as a chief priestess, Setor called for proper diagnosis, treatment and management of mental disorders. She maintained that our herbal medicines can be improved to provide cures with minimal side effects.

“So as I pour libation to the ancient gods of old and believe in my cowries for answers, I will work hand in hand with the orthodox medical practitioners to provide safe and comprehensive healthcare for my people. Taking advantage of the modern tools that are available to them, for research, diagnosis and treatment,” she continued. 

Setor – Volta region

Teroo from the Upper West Region and Ashanti region’s Sarfoa also found themselves in the top three of this category award. 

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana