GMB 2021: U.West’s Teroo and Teiya, Northern region, evicted on talent night

GMB 2021: U.West's Teroo and Teiya, Northern region, evicted on talent night
Teroo (Upper West) and Teiya (Northern region)

Dolefully, Teroo and Teiya had to say their final goodbyes last night as they came up last in the competition this week. The road ended for these two contestants as they could not solicit enough votes to keep them in the GMB reality house. 

But not before displaying their powerful innate gifts. Teroo, representing the Upper West region, gave a powerful rendition of her pre-GMB journey in her ionic ensemble. She honoured past queens and contestants, who like herself, have paved the way for young ladies to thread uncharted paths. 

Teiya – Northern region
Teroo – Upper West region

DJ Teiya from the Northern region was your ultimate party buddy with her invigorating selection of songs from her console. Dressed to match the task, DJ Teiya wore an Africa print short with a matching hoodie and a white undershirt. 

Over the past week, these contestants have entertained and educated us immensely. Thank you, Teroo and Teiya, for all the remarkably eidetic memories you bestowed on us. 

Teroo – Upper West region
Teiya – Northern region

This is the fourth eviction that has seen 6 ladies leave the GMB house remaining 10 contestants still running in the competition. To keep your favourite contestant in the competition, kindy vote by sending shortcode *713*13# or Download the GMB app on Google play store or Apple store.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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