GMB 2021: Teroo of Upper West region wins Best Costume

GMB 2021: Teroo of Upper West region wins Best Costume
Teroo (Upper West region)
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Teroo representing the Upper West region was sufficiently proper in her costume for her performance. Her ensemble was politically tactful as she educated the audience on the harsh treatments widows suffer under the disguise of cultural rites. 

Dora Mwinteroo Diywoh, acting as a widow who has to endure certain rituals made mandatory by the tradition. Despite the heaviness in her soul from losing her husband, a widow is forced to relive painful memories in confinement for forty days. 

Teroo – Upper West region

“It is painful to lose your husband, but having to endure the pain and discomfort as part of widowhood rites is an ordeal that no woman should go through. Look at them. They cover their bodies in clay for 40 days or even more. 

“In a world of today, where women are fending for themselves, breadwinners contributing to the economic growth of this country. I, Teroo, I plead that this 40-day period is reduced to a week or even less,” she continued. 

Teroo – Upper West region

According to Teroo, these practices can be replaced with other activities which are not hazardous to the health of the heart-broken widow. She offered mobile phones as a tool to formally extend invitations to sympathizers instead of crying from one house to another. Just to announce that the body of her husband lies in state.

Teroo advocates that shea butter should replace the clay smeared on widows during their 40-day confinement period. She said, “The clay on their body can be replaced with shea butter that is rich in vitamin D and E that can serve the purpose of the clay and nourish our skin.

Teroo – Upper West region

“They will be sending me, a fresh widow, to a crossroad to crush a gourd by my right foot. If it breaks, then I am innocent. But if it does not break, then I am accused of having a hand in my husband’s death. What happened to the role of the police in our society who should be involved in all criminal investigations?” Teroo concluded. 

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana