GMB 2021: Talent night was my favourite – Mfodwo, Bono region

Mfodwo, Bono region representative, disclosed that her best performance was her presentation during the Talent night.

According to Eva Afia Mfodwo, her participation in the competition has taught her a lot. She has been able to pick pearls of wisdom from judges feedback, her fellow contestants and everybody.

Mfodwo disclosed her stage mantra for every performance. She said, “Anytime I come here, I just come to deliver my best. I make sure that in my mind, I will do better than I did the previous week.

“My most favourite has been the talent night. I loved it so much. I believe I came all out because it’s something I love to do. And I really did it. I believe, maybe, close to perfection,” she concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana