GMB 2021: Revamping prisons into correctional facilities – Sarfoa, Ashanti region

GMB 2021: Revamping prisons into correctional facilities – Sarfoa, Ashanti region
Sarfoa (Ashanti Region)
Ghana’s Most Beautiful contestant Sarfoa wants to remove the stereotypical intimidating image of prisons into a more acceptable one as a correctional facility. She hopes to change the face of prisons to eliminate the stigma of incarceration

Benedicta Sarfoa Asamoah, representing the Ashanti region, is a research assistant at the University of Ghana, Legon. Sarfoa is troubled by the large numbers of ‘prospective criminals’ being churned back into our communities from our prisons. According to her, there is a decline in positive behavioural change after serving a jail sentence as society alienate these persons due to their past association.

Sarfoa – Ashanti region

“There is this notion in Ghana or probably worldwide that prison is more like a condemnation place. People get there, and they are relegated or written off by society. People think there is nothing good that would come out of them. But I want us to see the prisons as correctional centres or facilities where people are transformed. So that when they come out, they do not become a burden to society. But rather, they become good and better citizens.”

24-year-old Sarfoa proposed that men and women inside our prison walls should learn vocational skills they can use once released back into their communities. Because seeing people explore and reach their maxim potential is in line with her career aspirations as a Behavioural Therapist using dance therapy as a medium. 

“I love to see people around me to be the best version of themselves. So if somebody is going through something, I love to be there to help them somewhat. I want people to get to that peak where they can support others in their communities and be the best version of themselves.”

Sarfoa – Ashanti region

Sarfoa is a lover of music, dance and cooking her favourite fufu and palm nut soup. She believes that the GMB crown belongs to the people of Adansi Akrokyere (Akrokerri) in the Ashanti Region this year. And not only would her good looks and personality set her apart, but her winning mindset is her ultimate weapon. 

As a graduate of the University of Ghana, Legon with a bachelors degree in Psychology and Dance Studies, Sarfoa believes that mental makeup is a powerful tool. She said, “There is one philosophy that I run in life always. There is nothing unattainable in this world, if only we try. We can do all things with the right mindset. I believe that aside from the fact that I am articulate, I know that I am confident. And I am passionate and enthusiastic about my beliefs. 

“So if I put my mind to it that this is what I am going to do, it works for me, and it has throughout life. So I know that this is the potential that I have, and I capitalize on it.”

Sarfoa – Ashanti region

Sarfoa chose the GMB platform because of the opportunity it offers young ladies to enact change in their communities. She said, “For the past years, I know that GMB has been a platform that gives young beautiful ladies opportunities to come and showcase what they have and also to teach and educate the public about their cultural heritage. 

“They also have the chance to bring up solutions to societal issues and problems. So I thought it to be a great and powerful platform where I can also make some impact out there.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana