GMB 2021: Queen Setor embarks Ethio-Ghana friendship agenda for Africa Unity

The Ethio-Ghana friendship agenda is supposed to benefit both countries.
Setor and Ethiopian friends
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Dr Setor Abra Norgbe, 1st runner-up for Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2021, has started a campaign after her wonderful experience touring Ethiopia.

As Dr Norgbe explained on TV3 Newday with Cookie Tee, the Ethio-Ghana friendship agenda is just a piece of a project targeted at strengthening African unity among its countries. And after her performance on stage as an ambassador to Ethiopia, it was befitting to start the campaign building ties between Ghana and Ethiopia.

“Basically, what we are trying to do right now is start an African unity campaign. And obviously, because I had the love from Ethiopia, I’m starting off with the Ethio-Ghana friendship. However, fortunately, on my tour, I got to participate in the African unity meeting with Africans from the diaspora. I got to meet a couple of other Africans from all over Africa. From South Africa, from Namibia. I got to interact with a couple of them. And so, we are going to push that eventually. But we are starting off with an Ethio-Ghana friendship, and eventually, we will rope in the other countries.”

According to Setor, the project has a wide scope that spans trade, health, culture and history. She said, “ The Ethio-Ghana friendship agenda is supposed to benefit both countries. It is supposed to improve economic trade in both countries. Improve history learning between both countries and eventually in Africa. And as well champion universal health because obviously, I am a health care practitioner. These are the things that we hope to achieve, and we are still on the way trying to get some stakeholders in place.”

Setor also shared her experiences from her tour in Ethiopia, where she met the president, Her Excellency Sahle-Work Zewde and other dignitaries of the Ethiopian cabinet. Setor revealed that her invitation came on the heels of her performance on the GMB stage.

“ I thought it was going to come out as one of my worst performances but on the contrary. That was my first time in Ethiopia. I went from the 5th to the 24th. It was an invitation from the ministry of tourism in Ethiopia. So I was just going through my social media, and somebody sent me a letter. So apparently, they had been trying to contact me someway, and they hadn’t gotten through to me. So I can go back to the embassy to clarify the contacts and all.”

Setor urges all and sundry to join in promoting the African unity agenda.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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