GMB 2021: Promoting early childhood education in Ghana – Arama, Savannah Region

GMB 2021: Promoting Early Childhood education in Ghana - Arama, Savanna Region
Arama (Savannah Region)
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Savannah region representative Arama wants to leverage Ghana’s Most Beautiful platform to promote early childhood education. She believes that a strong foundation is essential to nurture capable and responsible citizens. Therefore, this disregarded path needs attention from all persons and the government.

Juliana Arama Suleman is a 27 years graduate of the University of Development Studies with hopes of becoming the GMB queen this year. But her primary goal is to ensure that as a role model, she imparts knowledge and ensure that early childhood education is given prominence in the scheme of things. Early childhood is a crucial period where a child learns and develops critical social and emotional skills that would stay with them throughout their lives.

Arama – Savannah Region

Arama hopes to build pre-schools in her community to encourage all parents and guardians to enrol their children as early as possible. Her passion stems from her teaching experience in a nursery after completing Shs. Since fell in love with being around kids and helping them to learn.

She said, ‘My hopes and dreams is to own a school, especially a pre-school. I feel like our kids need a surefooted path. After SHS, I had the privilege of teaching in a nursery school, and I was really comfortable. I loved their environment and being around all those kids. So I hope someday I am able to do that.

Arama – Savannah Region

Arama chose Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant because of the high recognition and the opportunity it offers ladies. These ladies become beacons in society, impacting and informing Ghanaians on the diversity of cultures. She said, ‘I chose GMB because I know it impacts the lives of people and makes a difference. I feel GMB is the platform that is given to young ladies to actually make their dreams a reality. Where they can impact society and also make a change or difference in society.

Arama hopes to become a digital marketer with a career in International Relations. She believes that she has all the unique qualities that make her outstanding from the other contestants.

“What makes me unique from them is because I am easily approachable. I am more conversational than most of them.”

Arama – Savannah Region

Arama Suleman hails from Busunu in the Savannah region. She had her Basic and Secondary education at the Base workshop junior high school in Burma Camp and Tema Senior High school. She finally pursued her tertiary education at the University of Development Studies.

Her goal is to impact and make a difference in her community. She seeks to make a change and remain relevant to many even before and after the reality show. She is hoping to win the hearts of Ghanaians with her performances to win the crown for the Savannah region.

By Aaliyah Duvi-Rony||Ghana