GMB 2021: Oti Region’s Akosua wins Best Costume of the night

GMB 2021: Oti region’s Akosua wins Best Costume of the night
Akosua (Oti region)

Akosua’s distinctive traditional attire was a showstopper last Sunday. The politically tactful ensemble was the perfect compliment for her performance and deserving of the Best Costume award. 

Clad in an ornately brocaded kente adorned with adinkra symbols, Akosua took us through the history and elements of the traditional dance, Ositi dance. As Akosua pranced the stage, rich glowing beads on her neck, arms, wrist and ankles swayed gently to the tempo of her movements. 

Akosua – Oti region

“The Ositi music can be termed as the music of the dance. This means that it is the synthesis of fabric that dictates dance steps and movements. So, in essence, ositi music is music for the ositi dance. The Ositi music originated some 400 years ago when our forefathers migrated to their present-day land.”

The jazzy variegated patterns in her kente paired gorgeously with the deep rich hue of her scarf, neatly tied on her head. Not forgetting the white garments peeking beneath the length of her kente and the two handkerchiefs, which symbolized the festivity of the atmosphere.

Akosua – Oti region

“The song translates to we move slowly and slowly in every path we take as though we are not in motion at all. Going through backyards and outskirts to escape the malicious enemy. It tells a lot about the struggle of our forefathers and gives insight into our ethos as a people,” she said. 

Akosua – Oti region

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana