GMB 2021: Nana, Bono East, speaks on her next move after eviction

GMB 2021: Nana, Bono East, speaks on her next move after eviction
Nana (Bono East region)

Nana bows out of GMB as she could not meet the voting cut-off point after weeks of educating and entertaining viewers on the culture and diversity.

Speaking on the Entertainment Segment of TV3 New Day, the Bono East rep said her experience in the competition has been enlightening and stimulating. According to Nana, she has learnt a lot from the competition and is ready to impact lives through her project.

Nana’s project themed, Pad Up, seeks to provide young girls in her region with sanitary pads to help them maintain menstrual hygiene.

“I realized that most young girls in my community and region find it difficult to provide themselves with sanitary pads during their menstrual period. So I have taken it upon myself to support them through my project”.

In addition to her project, she will also advocate for the usage of her mother tongue, the ‘Bono’ language. Nana justified that a dialect as unique as Bono should be projected.

“Most people from the Bono East Region find it difficult to speak the ‘Bono’ language. When someone speaks the language in the midst of people, it attracts attention. The language is unique, and therefore it is important to project it.
“That is why I have taken it upon myself to promote it”, she added.

The evictee stated that she did not expect her eviction. However, it came up, and she had no choice but to embrace it. Adding that “we are queens with or without the crown. Bono for gold”.

“Even though I have been evicted, I am not ending it here. This is not the end of my journey. I am going to do it super, bigger and mega. Just watch out for Nana,” she said.

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Nana expressed her appreciation to TV3 for the opportunity and all the support throughout her journey in the competition.

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By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson||Ghana