GMB 2021: Manu wins Star Performer on storytelling night

GMB 2021: Manu wins star performer on storytelling night
Manu (Western region)

Western region’s Manu won the Star Performance of the night with a fascinating and compelling rendition of why the dogs in the town of Asankabremani have black lips and a black and brown coat.

Manu’s entrance was perfectly vivid with a theme song as she took the audience on a journey. A remarkable sombre journey of why it is crucial to be truthful and honesty at all times. And that telling the truth can save one from the gun and other misfortunes.

“Once upon a time, there lived a great king, Nana Twemboto, the first King of Breman. This man was so great that he and his people had lots and lots of enemies coming after them. And you know one amazing thing about this man? His love for animals. He loved animals so much that he never migrated without them. All the way from Akyem Kyereso, he came with the dog, cat, fowls…name them. And they all played a very vital role in helping them escape from their enemies.”

Manu – Western region

According to Manu, the Dog would sniff around and bark whenever danger was near. And the moment the King heard the bark, he knew that he had to move his people to a safe place. This went on until the people found a secure settlement, somewhere in the Western region, where they finally decided to settle.

“And when they settled, out of gratitude, Nana Twimbonto promised the animals that he was going to feed and protect them from their enemies as well. Before we go to the farm, we prepare our rice and palm nut soup and put them down. So that when we come back, we have something to feast on. And we always gave half of the food to the animals.”

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One day, the Dog did not go to the farm under the pretence of being sick. So he was allowed to stay behind and watch over the settlement. But when the people and animals came back from the farm, the food meant for the animals was gone.

Manu – Western region

As said by Manu, the Dog started spreading rumours that the people had eaten the food meant for the animals. This made the animals very angry, and they confronted the King for breaking his promise. The King, sad and angered, set out to find the truth through the Fire of Truth.

“And so he set the fire of truth, that everybody was supposed to jump over and if you were guilty you will fall inside the fire. So they took turns singing and jumping. When it got to the Dog’s turn because he was complaining that he had stomach pains. They boiled medicine for the Dog, and he drank it and had to jump over the fire. Just when everybody thought he had gone over the fire, he landed inside the fire with his mouth. Then everybody knew that yes, it was the Dog who ate the food meant for all the animals,” she concluded.

Manu – Western region

And that is why whenever you see the Dog, he has black lips, and his skin is either black or brown.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana