GMB 2021: Eastern Region’s Afua and Savannah Region’s Arama evicted

GMB 2021: Eastern region’s Afua and Savannah region's Arama evicted
Arama (Savannah region) and Afua (Eastern region)

Unfortunately, the eviction axe fell on Afua, the Eastern region representative and Arama, the Savannah region representative. Last Sunday marked the end of the journey for these two contestants who failed to amass enough votes from the judges and audience to stay in the competition. 

Last Sunday, they each gave a stunning performance to crown their exit from the GMB house. As a night of melodies and tunes, Afua and Arama gave splendid performances on musical heroes and heroines from their region. 

Afua, dressed in the signature authentic highlife fashion, sung and danced to renditions of Amake Dede and Bisa Kdei’s most popular hits. 

Afua – Eastern region

Speaking about the achievements of Bisa Kdei, she said, “This man I am talking about is one who has received so many awards. First-ever, musician to break into the limelight of a soundtrack of a Netflix movie, ‘Jingle Jingle’, with a song titled, ‘Asew’. It is a very great achievement for the people of the Eastern region and Ghana as a whole. Now contemporary highlife has evolved with today’s Ghanaian pop culture.”

Afua – Eastern region

Arama was also attired in a colourful smock and headgear to matched, played amazing tunes on indigenous instruments from the Savannah region. She patiently explained the various instruments and the history behind them. 

Arama – Savannah region

She said, “Music is life itself and our means of communication. Even when people do not understand the language, they know good music when they hear it. The sweet melody you heard is known as Agoro, an indigenous melody performed on all occasions. With the Juego, which you just saw me play made from a can and wood with strings attached that play sweet melodious tunes.”

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Arama – Savannah region

Although this is the end of the journey in the competition, actualizing the grooming and exposure from GMB begins for these ladies. We wish them all the best and feel honoured to have shared this phase of their lives with them. 

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana