GMB 2021: Central region’s Kwansema evicted

GMB 2021: Central regions Kwansema evicted
Kwansema (Central region)

Unfortunately, Central Region’s Kwansema is out of the competition after coming in last at the end of last week. 

“When we say we are the heartbeat for Ghana’s tourism. It is not just talk. Even during the recent Year of Return, Ghana raised UDs 1.9 billion as investments. All because we had international tourists trouping in and out of my region. 

“Once I pick him from the airport, I am going to take him home. He is going to be offered a seat after initial pleasantries, which is very traditional in my region. He is done going to be offered water and our delicious and sumptuous Etwe and Fanti-Fanti.” 

Kwansema mentioned tourists sites, including Fort Goodhope, Kakum National park, and the international stingless bee centre. 

Despite weeks of entertainment and education from Kwansema, she could not take the train to the final leg of the competition. 

Thank you, Kwansema. We wish you all the best. 

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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