GMB 2021: Ashanti region’s Sarfoa wins Most Eloquent on talent night
Sarfoa (Ashanti region)

Sarfoa, the Ashanti region’s representative, dazzled the audience with her powerful contemporary dance and expressiveness and won the Most Eloquent contestant of the night award. 

Benedicta Sarfoa Asamoah, dressed in all black unitard with a waisted belted lace, performed intricate dance moves with steady and limpid steps. Her introspective poetry with her dance formed a beautiful pantomimic. 

Sarfoa – Ashanti region

“The journey of life is one that is bizarre. I keep meddling and battling with unknown forces that make my destination too far. But just when I taught I have lost it all, and I didn’t have anything, the fire set in my bones rushed fiercely within me and screamed that I am everything. Arise O Ye assets of the land, arise for all you need to be what you want to be is inside of you.”

Sarfoa – Ashanti region

Sarfoa charged everyone to be the authors of their own lives. 

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Sarfoa – Ashanti region

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana