GMB 2021: Akosua, Oti region, wins Best Costume on storytelling night

GMB 2021: Recap of Akosua’s performances in the show
Akosua (Oti region)
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Akosua from the Oti region did not only enthralled the audience with the history of Jasikan. Her native and picturesque apparel won the hearts of many as she emerged Best Costume of the night.

Akosua’s story was full of valour and bravery as she told of warriors plotting and winning battles against each other. But not without the help from the gods, who come in many forms, including disguising themselves as rivers.

Akosua – Oti region

“Many many years ago, a town in the Oti region called Jasikan was known as Odomeve or Odo-Ve for short. In the Lelemi language spoken by the Buems, it means beyond Odome. Odome is a river that flows through Jasikan from the Eastern Buem border to the Western Buem border. The river had become a hindrance to many who were approaching from the South-Western part. Now, Adu Bofo an Ashanti warrior, together with his soldiers, decided to march into the Buem land to conquer the land. So the Buem war machinery known as the Adonteng wing supported by some members of Banku Wing decided to lay a siege in waiting for Adu Bofo and his advancing army.”

Akosua – Oti region

According to Akosua, The people consulted the gods when they heard of the impending danger. And after performing some rituals, the river swelled up and overflowed its banks. When the approaching army reached the river, they decided to test the depth of the river and the swiftness of the current with their swords. And the river snatched all their swords.

“This made the war very advantageous to the Buems. And so they conquered all the Ashantis and captured many of them, including Adu Bofo. So Adu Bofo nicknamed the place Gya-Sekan, which in Akan means that which receives swords. So the name Odermeve took the name Gya-Sekan which over the years has been called Jasikan,” she concluded.

Akosua – Oti region

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana