GMB 2020 Final: Host Johnnie Hughes blows cover on what can make your favourite win

The journey for the highly fancied reality show, Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB), crowns its winner on Sunday, September 20, 2020 at TV3’s Studio B.

Co-host of the show Johnnie Hughes has advised fans of the finalists to vote for their favourite to stand a chance of winning the crown.

“It’s a reality show and this time the fans or viewing public of all the contestants get the chance to be part of the decision-making process, so it’s not just the judges entirely.

“And with this grand finale, the stakes are high. So, I would advise them to vote.

He added: “You will have expectation, but you will have to buttress your expectation with votes. Your loudest applaud should be your biggest vote.”

He noted that this season has been a fascinating season and it has generated quite the bars Ghana’s Most Beautiful is known for.

“It’s been a very interesting season because this is the second season we are running a sixteen-horse race where we had sixteen contestants from all sixteen regions.

“This particular year GMB has generated quite the bars that Ghana’s Most Beautiful is noted for with accentuated presence on social media particularly the hashtags are on the trends and the ladies enjoy coming up on stage.”

By Kaziah Owusu Afram||Ghana

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