GMB 2020 Final: All six finalists pitch against nationalising one language

On a night of glam, education and entertainment in the grand-finale of Ghana’s Most Beautiful, the six finalists take us through the first round.

They attempt to educate us on the nationalization of one language, which many claim holds the key to national development.

Talata from the Upper East Region kicked off with an amazing performance; she delivered her act on nationalizing one language.

“Nationalizing one language might lead to conflict because Ghana has about 46 languages and if one language is nationalized, the natives of that language will feel superior over the other tribes.”


Volta Region’s representative Kafui, speaking against nationalizing one language, said “no single thing holds the key to development, adding to the fact that a single language cannot be a necessity of a nation attaining its development”.


‘God no go shame us’ LA Primary ‘pupil Abena, the rep from Ahafo Region, noted that “Ghanaians speak different languages yet they are able to trade among themselves; development does not mean a monolingual society.”


The Northern Region representative, Zuzu, argued her point in a court room, saying: “Nationalizing one language is never the surest way to our development rather a positive mindset.”


Greater Accra’s Naa said “the country has everything it needs to develop and the key to the nation’s development is our attitude and mindset and not nationalizing one language.”


Acting as a contractor, Central Region’s Afriyie argued that “one language is not needed to work, we understand our work; development has nothing to do with multiple languages.”

By Sheena Pankani & Kaziah Owusu Afram||Ghana

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